Court Reporter In Chambers St, NYC

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Polished For Precision Reporting d/b/a PFP Reporting is a fitting name created by the founder, who, after 22 years in the field, and is presently an active reporter, has finalized every transcript to represent integrity, top quality work, and most of all pride in every transcript. Graduating from Long Island Business Court Reporting School writing on the stenographic machine at a speed of 245 wpm, she has maintained her strong writing skills through staying dedicated to practicing speed drills throughout her career and also remaining “In Love” with her career choice. Learning from experience, proofreading and speed building drills are the only true elements to the integrity of a precise, verbatim and accurate final transcript, these are what have built the foundation of PFP Reporting. If you practice your speed drills, then you can precisely and  accurately read back the transcript testimony during the deposition proceedings.