Top 3 Things To Know About PFP Reporting

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      1. We Offer Court Reporting 

Our professional court reporters and conference rooms are available for all legal proceedings where a written transcript is required.  Our reporters are well versed in federal litigation, civil litigation, personal injury, catastrophic events, commercial, arbitrations, medical experts,  conventions, insurance companies, and more.

     2. We Offer INTERPRETERS

Bridge the communication gap with an interpreter.  In today’s diverse world, languages and multiple dialects can impede a clear conversation.  With interpreters fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, Foochow, Haitian, Hebrew, French, Creole, Chinese, Italian and many more, we emerge with a fluid conversation.  Interpretation also is utilized for the hearing impaired where sign language is a true way of life.

     3. We Offer Video Teleconferencing Conferences 

To optimize productivity, reduce your travel time and expenses.  We offer you video teleconferencing.  Remain in your office or home and connect to all of the litigants through our 46-inch  pixel perfect display televisions and innovative technology to anywhere in the world.  Capable of displaying the witness testifying or also incorporating the transcript to visually running alongside the witness simultaneously, displaying the words in the text along with the witness speaking.

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